AC Mitigation

AC Mitigation:

Installation of electrical transmission infrastructure at higher current loads can result in dangerous AC interference to underground pipelines, potentially raising touch voltages to unacceptable levels or increasing corrosion rates of your pipeline asset. MESA provides AC assessment and remediation services for underground pipelines co-located or in close proximity of high voltage power lines. Proper assessment of the threat is key, followed by complete remediation using AC design and modeling and installation of a custom AC mitigation solution. Our turnkey service starts at the beginning and wraps up only when your asset is fully protected and the SAFETY of your jobsite is ensured.

  • Comprehensive Field Data Collection: Our experts gather precise field data to inform our AC modeling and remediation strategies, ensuring accuracy and effective solutions.
  • Advanced AC Modeling: As AC modeling specialists, we employ cutting-edge techniques to simulate interference scenarios, aiding in the development of the most appropriate mitigation strategies.
  • Complete Commissioning Data: Our services encompass the entire process, from initial assessment to post-remediation monitoring, ensuring that your pipeline assets remain secure over time.
  • Ongoing Post-Assessment Monitoring: We don't stop once remediation is complete. We offer continuous monitoring to guarantee the long-term effectiveness of our solutions.
  • Expert Construction and Material Installation: With a team of skilled professionals, we handle the implementation of AC mitigation solutions with precision and expertise.

Choose MESA Services SAFEGUARD your pipeline assets from AC interference risks. Our comprehensive services ensure that your pipelines remain in optimal condition while prioritizing the safety of your jobsite throughout the process.

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